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Qubes Manager

Managing translations

Adding new language

  1. Add i18n/qubesmanager_LANGUAGECODE.ts (replace LANGUAGECODE with actual code, for example es) to - TRANSLATIONS setting.
  2. Run make res update_ts

Regenerating translation source files (.ts)

make res update_ts

This will keep translated strings, but will add new ones.

Updating translations

Commit updated .ts files into i18n directory.

Pushing translations to transifex

You'll need a token (for your own transifex acount, to configure it just run tx config once).

tx push -s

Getting translation from transifex

tx pull


Located in the tests/ directory.

To run qube manager and backup tests:

python3 -v

To run global settings tests:

sudo systemctl stop qubesd; sudo -E python3 -v ; sudo systemctl start qubesd