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 # Juniper Host Checker Linux MITM RCE
+## CVEs
+ - No certificate Validation - [CVE-2020-11580](
+ - Command Injection - [CVE-2020-11581](
+ - DNS Rebindig - [CVE-2020-11582](
+Link to Juniper official advisory [SA44426](
 ## Intro
 The Host Checker is a client side component that the [Pulse Connect Secure]( appliance may require in order to connect to the VPN. The Host Checker requests a policy from the server and perform basic checks on the client accordingly. Checks may include MAC Addresses, running process (ie: checking for an antivirus) and some others. While on Windows the plugin is an ActiveX component, in Linux, Solaris and OSX it is a Java Applet.
 Of course client checks can always be bypassed, and an open source (yet not well documented) implementation [do exist](