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  Giulio bf38af0485 Fixed session 2 years ago
  thezero ccd6df6a81 fix insert episodes 3 years ago
  thezero 7e10077d33 remove executemany and use a for each -> execute 3 years ago
  thezero 2483a9434d fix primary-key integrity in db 3 years ago
  thezero c57dbf881d fix series that don't have seasons' names 3 years ago
  thezero b4a68ae793 Merge branch 'ref' 3 years ago
  thezero 913be0e412 improve seasons/episodes fetching 3 years ago
  thezero 5803ee46d8 refactor api 3 years ago
  thezero ab17d8a5bb refactor api 3 years ago
  Giulio 8583540619 Added user agent to bypass new block 3 years ago
  Giulio 46abefd447 Simple fixes 3 years ago
  l f470fc5ece Merge branch 'master' of l/vvvvget into master 4 years ago
  l 8b7ee3563a use sqlite database to store series 4 years ago
  Giulio bc043b9173 Init 4 years ago