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Change TOKEN with your token


  • Send link of video (@vid inline is comfortable)
  • The bot will download the video and send it
    • If the video is larger than 50MB, it is split into smaller parts, which then need to be concatenated (in linux: cat vid.mp4* > vid.mp4)

This script require:



  • Improve space-requirement of hard-split (is 2 times size_of_video, the goal is size_of_video + 49MB)
  • Improve soft-split of the videos
  • PEP8
  • Remove duplicates of resolution
  • Add geo-bypass feature
  • Add playlist download feature
    • match title with regex
    • from video x to video y
    • only video uploaded before or after date x
    • max-views or min-views
  • Subtitle download