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  Giulio ae2e596414 Added link to upstream commit :D 2 years ago
  Giulio 79bea1edd0 Added link to upstream commit :D 2 years ago
  Giulio 3dea1e53d4 Lot of typos 4 years ago
  Giulio 1fbe8db87e Added final 8MiB flash image 4 years ago
  Giulio bb1e9fde99 Sample build image 4 years ago
  Giulio 5d86636e20 First draft 4 years ago
  Giulio 11fbf25456 U-boot progres and openwrt start, plus minor corrections 4 years ago
  Giulio 40bb27f6e6 Basic u-boot info 4 years ago
  Giulio d607958415 MTD sections 4 years ago
  Giulio a8aef9d72c Writed online flash dumping 4 years ago
  Giulio 91f3286b39 Added soic and serial sections 4 years ago
  Giulio 0d218ea046 First readme lines 4 years ago
  Giulio 1939eac902 Added initial OpenWRT DTS and image target 4 years ago
  Giulio 25a973b733 Imported images and original rom 4 years ago